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Credits, Supporting Apps, and sources

ModMii was written entirely by yours truly, XFlak. Trust me, no one else is crazy enough to try to maintain a batch file that has grown so large and 'all over the place'. But without the help of many other very talented people ModMii would not exist. Some people have contributed supporting files or programs, others have shared their knowledge, some have provided ideas and others have given their time.

I have tried my best to recognize everyone's contribution to ModMii regardless of how big or small it is. If I've forgotten someone, please notify me and I'll add them to the credits as quickly as possible.

Supporting Apps and Sources

Below is a list of the supporting apps bundled with ModMii and their sources. If a link is missing or broken, you can still get it from ModMii's Supporting Files Archive.
Source code for ModMii itself is available is available at github, but you can just open the bat files from it's support folder in notepad or similar text editor.

ModMii is entirely free to use and ad free. Donations can optionally be made to the author using the button below, or pick your favourite contributor from the credits and check if they have a donations page.